Fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer - London

London, England   |   Full Time

About the company

  • is a bootstrapped, profitable and fast growing SaaS company.
  • We build our own products that customers love, best known for Shopify's number 1 ranked app Product Reviews app with over 6000 five star app reviews.
  • We are a growth miracle, growing organically and consistently doubling annually, just by word of mouth with zero paid marketing.
  • Our team of 42 strong is very international, well diversified, located in London (UK, headquarters), Saigon (Vietnam), Lima (Peru) and Casablanca (Morocco). 
  • We've made a worldwide impact, with over 120K shops actively using our software in 140+ countries, who altogether fulfill over 35 million orders every MONTH for which we generate over 1 million verified buyer reviews per month.


  • London

  • Fulltime


Must Have

  • Good problem solving skills with understanding of data structures and algorithms

  • Experience with our tech stack:

    • Ruby, Rails, Sidekiq

    • CSS, HTML, JavaScript

    • PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch

    • AWS services, e.g. EC2, EB, ES, S3

  • Security and performance awareness

  • Familiarity with coding standards and best practices

  • 2+ years experience. Mid senior to senior.

  • Self-management and self-motivation

  • Great English, both verbal (meetings, social) and written (Slack, GitHub)


  • BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent

  • Experience with production troubleshooting, monitoring system, managing production infrastructure

  • Experience with Linux, command line, scripting (Bash, Python)

  • Familiarity with more tech stack:

    • MongoDB, Redis

    • AWS services, e.g. EC2, EB, ES, S3

    • NodeJS, PHP, Python, Bash

    • Git, GitHub, GitHub flow

    • NewRelic, Kibana, Cloudwatch

    • CircleCI, GitHub Action

  • Familiarity with cutting-edge technologies, big data, or artificial intelligence algorithms

  • Have an investment mentality, and want to build for the long term


  • Assist in designing, developing, testing, maintaining and improving system

  • Participate in product planning management discussions for better understanding of the company's products

  • User oriented when delivering features and developer oriented when delivering codes

  • Review code of each other to identify potential inefficient code

  • Self-manage and deliver features without handholding

Why it would be awesome to work with us

  • We are a bootstrapped, profitable and growing SaaS company. We build our own products that customers love.

  • Our team is small and growing steadily, your work will have significant impacts and be appreciated by customers and team members.

  • We are diversified and international, with team members from all around the globe.

  • Flexible work hours - within reason. No overtime. No dress code, wear whatever you want (but wear something of course).

  • Open work environment. Ideas and feedback are encouraged and appreciated. Criticism is blameless and constructive. We want ourselves to improve after all.

  • Healthy codebase and architecture. Few WTF moments when onboarding.

  • Thorough and constructive code review. We will push ourselves toward and learn to write better code together.

Challenging yet interesting problems we are trying to solve

  • Business: We deliver real business results to ecommerce businesses of all sizes, with our super affordable tool delivering great ROI to customers by improving trust, generating reviews which improve conversion rates on product pages, and generating follow-up sales directly.

  • Performance: at our scale with tens of millions of requests a day, albeit not as much as Google's or Facebook's, a simple change can make considerable impacts.

  • Reliability: We serve over 120K shops, generated over 1 million verified buyer reviews monthly, in virtually all of the timezones, 24/7, all year around, with zero windows for a break.

  • Security: To verify the authenticity of reviews, we access to orders with billions of USD in value every month. With great data, comes great security responsibility.


  • đź’°Competitive salary 

  • đź—˝Flexible working hours (within reason)

  • 🏖Flexible leave days. 2.5 leave days per month (including official holidays)


  • To apply, please send your CV, together with any profile of yours (e.g. LinkedIn. GitHub) to

  • About our team:

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